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Extra High-Pressure Integral Fittings

integral-fittingsBEST's Extra High-Pressure Integral Fittings are manufactured from forged alloy steel and are designed and tested for 15,000 p.s.i. nscwp. These fittings are made in 2" and 3" sizes in ells, tees and crosses with various end connections and are suitable for both standard and sour gas service.

  • 2" and 3" 1502 TEE'S
    Male X Female X Female, Male X Female X Male, Male x Male x Male, Male X Male X Female

  • 2" and 3" 1502 SHORT SQUARE ELBOW



23215033 Elbow Long Radius 2" 1502 MxF 15K
23315033 Elbow Long Radius 3" 1502 MXF 15K
21215044A Elbow Short Radius 2" 1502 MXF 15K CUSHIONED
21315043A Elbow Short Radius 3" 1502 MXF 15K CUSHIONED


222150A3A Tee 2" w/1502 MXFXF 15K
222150B3A Tee 2" w/1502 MXFXM 15K
222150C3A Tee 2" w/1502 MXMXF 15K
222150D3A Tee 2" w/1502 MXMXM 15K
222150E3A Tee 2" w/1502 FXFXM 15K
222150F3A Tee 2" w/1502 FXFXF 15K
223150A3A Tee 3" w/1502 MXFXF 15K 
223150B3A Tee 3" w/1502 MXFXM 15K

All such fittings are fully traceable with MTRs upon request.